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The painful process

You would assume that after almost ten years in the system we’d be immune to all the frustrating facets of the industry. We’ve just had to yet again, attend additional appointments and converse with all of our professionals to compile updated reports to request for further funding. An extra emotional but necessary process.

Over the past month we managed to squeeze in on top of our already busy schedule, additional appointments, phone calls and emails with our Pediatrician, Speech Therapist, OT, ABA Therapist, NDIS Plan Manager and School Vice Principal. The entire time discussing how far behind the standards our kids are and highlighting their additional needs and requirements necessary to help them interact and function in this world.

We’ve worked so hard to produce results and have seen incredible improvement but both kids still require regular encouragement and assistance at home and at school with speech, communication, interaction, diet, self-care and independence.

Thomas is in Grade 4 but learning at a prep level. Madi is in grade 6 learning well below her age average and is transitioning into high school next year. A new school, teachers, kids, routine and rules with higher expectations. She will require specialised academic programs with specific instructions and assistance to help make this enormous transition as smooth as possible.

The whole funding process can be soul destroying. It almost feels like we’re reliving the diagnosis process all over again. It brings us right back down to earth and enhances a negative headspace which we try so hard to avoid.

We have to reset and remind ourselves of all the positives and how much we’ve improved since receiving the additional support. The harsh reality is, the lower the results and more unpleasant the reports sound the better the outcome usually is for more funding.

It’s an ongoing process and is most likely going to be required for the rest of our lives.

As painful as the process can be, it’s necessary.

We’re incredibly grateful to qualify and receive additional professional assistance, as bad as that makes you feel as a parent too. It puts our minds at ease to know our kids are being supported at school and helps to provide the the tools we require to help at home.

Self-care is so important during this time. We have to remember to take time to recover from this process and be extra kind to the kids and ourselves.

I know a lot of families are struggling to seek available professionals. Unfortunately, it can be a very slow and painful process.

We need to remain in our own lane and focused on the long game. Just another bump in the emotional rollercoaster…

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