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What’s new for 2022?

If you haven’t already, it’s time to start thinking about what you would like to see and achieve this year.

On New Years Eve, a friend of ours asked if anyone could genuinely say they excelled in 2021? Yes, we tackled various challenges but I honestly feel like we did!

We tried our best, produced more progress and achieved goals we set out to achieve.

Seeing Thomas ride his bike, Madi learn to tie her shoelaces, high school transitions run smoothly, witnessing successful online therapy sessions and producing more products to add to our range were all major highlights!

We will continue working on ongoing areas surrounding speech and conversation, social interaction, independence and food and set our usual few other targets to focus on.

Our main priority is to support Madi officially starting mainstream secondary school. There will be numerous obstacles and a new routine for the whole family.

We’re hoping to initiate meaningful relationships between her peers, teachers and education supports and establish in school academic, independence and ABA therapy objectives.

Thomas will also need time to adjust to his new year level and school without Madi.

We will continue to encourage his further development increasing life skills, independence and basic academics.

We would love to see him more self sufficient, make new friendships and interact more socially.

Madi will also be moving on from online therapy to learn and practice more life skills and independence with a support worker out and about in the community.

She’s growing up and so we need to continue developing her abilities pressing forward.

Our little brand will continue to expand and promote our new products. We hope to continue to grow in all aspects of our business and reach more people worldwide with our blogs, posts, stories, interviews and products created from our family’s lived experience.

We’ve co founded a new support and social group which is beginning to take shape called Spectdrum. We’re creating a positive platform to connect and encourage other Spectrum families. We’re excited to see it evolve into something significant.

We’re also looking forward to a few postponed family trips that will hopefully go ahead but we'll always prioritise spending quality family time together in between our other responsibilities.

What does 2022 have installed for you? If you don’t have a plan, what do you do?

Plans can change and usually do but in order to see results and produce solid progress, it helps to have goal posts to kick to.

We’ve seen what’s possible when you set out to achieve. Like the last few previous years, we’ll dare to dream and believe.

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