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The Everyday Autism Series

Monique's Library of Useful Resources

It can be difficult being a parent of kids with Autism helping them experience life as best they can, guiding and protecting them where needed and making sure we provide them as best we can. Here are some tips and tricks and useful resources that Monique has created that you might find beneficial.

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Share and Educate

Monique shares her inspiring story on life with two Autistic kids and her quest to educate kids, parents and teachers on how to support kids with Autism.


You Are Not Alone

Monique shares her journey of good times, opportunities and challenges they face as a family to encourage other parents living with Autistic kids to stay strong.


Useful Downloads

Free downloadable resources for the TEAS community with useful tips, tricks and ideas on sensory friendly spaces, calm relaxation techniques and fun for the whole family.

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