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Transitioning into secondary school

We’ve known this time was coming but it’s still so surreal it’s actually happening! Our daughter Madi is in her final few weeks of primary school and has begun her transition into secondary college.

We’ve come a long way since Madi’s final stages at kinder. Where her extremely kind but concerned kindergarten teacher suggested she wouldn’t cope at mainstream and recommended we send her to a special development school.

We were determined to attempt a mainstream setting and were prepared to reassess our options if necessary.

We followed our very strong gut instincts and didn’t want to die wondering or regret our decision.

After an initial shaky start, we persisted and we’re so glad we did!

There was a clear shift half way through grade one and we’ve not looked back since.

With an enormous amount of help and support from the school and professionals, Madi is now graduating grade 6!

Extensive preparations were put in place and increased over the last few weeks.

A very thorough schedule was arranged for Madi to visit her new school on various days and times accompanied by her main aide and education support workers have visited and observed her on alternative days at primary school.

We purchased her uniform as soon as it was available to try on and wear to whole day transitions.

Her current aide also created a detailed personalised social story including names, faces and places of everywhere and everyone she needs to know.

An invaluable resource for us to repetitively read to reinforce and review over the Christmas break especially before fully transitioning next year.

Despite lockdowns, restrictions and our own anxieties, I’m so excited to report that our transitional phase could not be going better.

Madi’s new school (where Michael & I actually met) have been incredibly supportive, accepting and accommodating towards our additional needs and have made us all feel more comfortable and confident about our decision moving forward.

Madi genuinely seems excited and ready for her new challenge and next stage.

Again, our decision was debatable and again we’re following our gut with no regrets!

We’ve prepared her as much as possible with comprehensive exposure, reinforcement, and a professional team in place to produce the best result and we’ll see how we go.

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