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Living the dream

We never usually go away over the school holidays, so this was a first in itself. We’ve also never driven that far with the kids before and don’t usually holiday with friends.

Last school holidays, we embarked on an eight hour drive up the coast for a week of fun with friends, to a new place we’ve never been or heard of.

We prepared with our standard holiday prep of verbal and visual reinforcements, especially the days before, and packed the car to the rafters with snacks, supplies and comforts required for routine and support.

With surf boards on the top, bikes on the back and car jam packed, we left in the dark at 5am to start the long drive ahead. The kids were so chilled and were actually excited for our road trip and adventure together.

The others camped and had a camper van, but we rented a cabin instead. To have all the space and amenities we needed for the kids to feel comfortable and make life easier for us.

We joined in with the crew but also did our own thing too.

Madi and Super Dad surfed each day, Thomas loved his water play at the beach and pool, I exercised and went on walks with the girls, we went out for dinner with the whole group and went on our very first family of four bike ride. Which was something we’ve always dreamed of but hasn’t been possible before. It was everything and more.

We’re now experiencing things in life, that at one stage, we thought would never happen.

We were pleasantly surprised that the whole trip went off without a hitch and are looking forward to embarking on more fun and adventure in the future.

There’s still always those confronting moments when our kids don’t speak or enjoy interacting with the other kids but that’s just how it is. We were there and they were happy, that’s the main thing.

We know what we need to do and what previsions are required for our families success and happiness.

At first, life was tough, but we were determined to make it better.

Yes, we still have our moments, but we’re honestly happier than we’ve ever been. Now, we’re living our new dream.

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