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New year - setting new goals to achieve

We’ve thoroughly enjoyed our quality family time together over the holidays and have actually been able to relax and have fun. Now it’s time to reset and set out what we would like to achieve this year.

We’re not entirely sure what’s next on our agenda, but we’ll continue doing our thing and all the things that have been working for us recently.

It’s always good to have a plan, set goals and have intentions to work towards.

We’ve just begun Nippers with friends again and have booked into our all-abilities basketball and dance classes for the new year.

Hard to believe, but It’s Thomas’s last year of primary school this year, so the transition into secondary school will begin for him. We know what we need do and what’s required after Madi’s successful process, so we’ll follow that model and hope it’s equally successful for him.

We’ll also attempt to encourage him to upgrade from his three wheeled scooter to two, explore alternative soccer possibilities and a potential first play date with a friend from school. Expanding his limited diet has been on the cards for many years, so we’ll continue our casual additional dietary journey.

Thankfully, Madi is settled at her new school and will require minimal assistance navigating her way around the new buildings and new subjects for the year. We’ll continue working on life skills and independence with her support worker and explore expanding her newfound friendships at school. We’re excited to hopefully see her play in her first all-abilities basketball tournament and will also look into securing some regular singing lessons too.

We have a few more interstate conferences to attend, travelling to Queensland, W.A and South Australia for major events mid-year and we’ll see what other opportunities arise. Otherwise, please let us know what you would like to see in 2023.

Personally, I’m attempting to drink more water, work less, be more present and live in the moment to enjoy life and all our hard work from previous years.

For the last few years, each year, we honestly don’t know how we’ll top the previous year, but we continue to set new goals to achieve and believe.

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