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Kicking goals

At the beginning of the year, we decided to steer away from the standard therapies and explore other avenues of support for further development. After ten years, it was time for a change to move on to our next phase of life. This decision has been a game changer for us all.

Madi started working with a trusted support worker to encourage greater independence and expose her to more mature life skills and situations. She’s been learning all about aspects of day to day life and practicing those scenarios in public places. She’s still covering basic speech and conversation skills while becoming more knowledgeable and confident in these areas.

It seems like Thomas has finally turned a corner in grade five at school. His interaction and participation has increased and is now more willing to learn, progressing at a faster pace.

Surprisingly, he was genuinely so excited to embark on his first school camp. With a lot of preparation and Super Dad tagging along for additional support, it was an unexpected overwhelming success!

Madi’s transition into secondary school could not have gone better. She’s settled in, been well supported, made new meaningful connections and is continuing to learn. She’s always happy to go and by all reports, most days are great too.

At one stage, we never thought the kids would ever play sport but this year we discovered Ausome Hoops. Both kids are learning new drills and skills, interacting with coaches and other kids and are now part of a team. Which is absolutely priceless to see.

We crossed a few items off our bucket list. We went on a family holiday with Grandma and Grandad to Uluru (Ayres Rock), rode our bikes all together as a family of four and Super Dad and I climbed the Sydney Harbour Bridge.

We created and produced a couple of new products which have received incredible feedback from both parents and professionals. We also travelled to our first interstate event which proved to be a huge success. So far, this financial year we’ve recorded our highest sales since our little brand began.

We’ve put in all the work and now we’re reaping the rewards.

More progress has been made and progress is everything.

What more could we ask for? We’re literally on top of the world.

It’s been another massive year and again, we’re physically and emotionally exhausted. It takes a lot of energy to maintain positivity but when you see results, it’s worth everything and more.

We’re going to embrace the Christmas break from our chaotic schedule and enjoy some quality family time together to reset for the new year ahead.

We’re continuing to follow our gut instincts and attempting to live life with a more relaxed approach and go with the flow.

We’ve had to retrain our brain to live our new perspective. We’re finally at peace with where we’re at and we’re living our truth.

We’ve made some amazing memories and we’re more happier than not. We set goals and achieve them and there’s no better feeling, big or small.

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