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Proud Autism community

I assume most people were emotionally affected in some way after hearing about William, the young boy with autism that went missing recently. Personally, I really felt for his family as did the whole Autism community. An event such as this not only creates more awareness, inspiration and hope but also highlights the indescribable bond within the whole community.

An incident like William’s has been one of our biggest fears, especially when our kids were younger, unable to verbally communicate and used to run off more often. Unfortunately, this is why we may seem like we’re being overprotective but our community understand.

We can relate to similar situations and appreciate how challenging and emotional life can be.

There are times as an autism parent when you can feel completely helpless and alone. Especially in the beginning before you find your people. People that will not judge and offer unconditional love and support.

In my experience, I’ve found there’s a common, heart-warming feeling of compassion and willingness to help others, even if you’ve never met before. Most parents need to vent and are happy to be an ear or shoulder to cry on.

There are so many Autism organizations and groups, especially on Facebook that you can join with parents and professionals sharing advice and experiences.

I know how important it is and has been for me to be able to open up and express my emotions. I certainly feel an instant connection and am more comfortable confiding in fellow autism parents that often feel the same.

One of the best decisions I ever made was accepting help when it was offered to me. One of our children’s therapists at the time suggested I speak to a trained professional, specifically an Autism grief counselor from their team. After that my whole mindset and outlook completely changed.

There are various knowledge and development seminars you can attend and more recently webinars online. Expos with professional speakers sharing methods and helpful products on display.

More respite options are being advertised and offered for diverse needs such as free yoga for carers and regular meetings specifically for Autism dads.

Many resources in the industry have been created by Autism families from their own experiences and then produced to be available to help others. Parents and other businesses are also happy to share and promote each other.

We feel so grateful to have been assisted by various professionals that have all genuinely cared and aspired to produce the best possible results and outcomes.

Yes, life can still be difficult at times regardless but it really does help to find your people and feel supported. There is more awareness and so much help available if you are willing and open to it.

I’m extremely proud to be part of such an inspirational and helpful community!

We hope sharing our story, knowledge and experiences will also give hope and help to inspire others too.

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