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The birthday boy

Birthdays are a challenging time for our family. Both kids aren’t able to independently express preferred present or party ideas, so we’re always unsure about exactly what to do.

It was that time of year again, and our birthday boy was turning eleven years old! He had a great day, celebrating in his own fun way, with just enough fancy and fuss to mark the occasion.

We began our traditional birthday build-up with verbal and visual reinforcements, especially the few days before, with balloons blown up and his age in lights on display.

We decided to go with a basketball theme because of our new-found love, Ausome Hoops, our all abilities basketball team drills and skills sessions we attend.

We decorated accordingly, found a few related presents and purchased an arcade style shooting game from eBay to hopefully help improve skills and encourage more interest and interaction.

We invited two friends to accompany us to one of our favourite family fun spots, Gravity Zone. We engaged in our regular trampoline activities before also participating in an action packed turn of laser tag and first attempt at the virtual reality game.

After a successful solid two hour stint, we returned home for a spa and some party food.

Thomas genuinely had fun but was done. He snuck off for down time while Super Dad and I continued to shoot baskets and entertain his friends.

The look on his face and reactions were priceless, but then we also needed to respect his wishes and give him the space he required.

We didn’t bother with a cake or attempting to sing happy birthday because he hates it. It’s not about us or what society expects, it’s all about his happiness on his birthday and everyday.

This year was an overall success.

He was well aware it was his birthday. He was interested and excited to open his presents and clearly knew how old he was turning. He was happy and not too over whelmed. He had fun for a few hours playing and interacting with his immediate family and few friends.

That’s honestly everything we could wish for and more.

Naturally, there’s always an element of anxiety surrounding our decisions and emotional recovery and relief after the fact but we’re attempting to go with the flow as much as possible.

He continually reminds us that the simplest things in life are always the best and less is more. We celebrate him for him and everything about him. He is our precious gift that keeps on giving and brings everyone so much joy. Happy birthday beautiful boy!

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