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Annual family holiday

Updated: Jul 2, 2021

Madi was literally counting down the days and months till our recent family holiday. A few months before we had actually booked our trip, she started verbalizing “Queensland!”.

Every year, before our kids were even born, my husband’s family have holidayed to Queensland for generations. It has also become our family tradition, all holidaying together.

Clearly, we all really look forward to it every year, spending quality time together and taking time out from our hectic schedules!

For the last few years in particular, we have stayed in the same town, at the same venue, in the same room. We have also basically followed the same routine when away, where everyone gets to enjoy doing what they love either on their own or together.

Up at the crack of dawn with the hot, early sun, my husband and I take turns exercising first thing each morning before breakfast and then hitting the beach with the kids by 9. Nanny and Poppy meet us there to join in on the fun. Fun in the sun, one on one and with everyone. Much needed vitamin D and water therapy. Madi also gets to jump on her board and surf every day and we all get to watch, which we all absolutely love!

After an hour or 2 or whenever the kids are done, we retreat back across the road to the pool or spa before heading back up to our room for lunch.

More family time just chilling in the afternoon. Usually watching kid’s movies, screen time and a scoot down the street or play at the park. All in close walking distance.

The kids then settle in for the night with Nanny and Poppy popping in to our room, so mum and dad can slip out for a quick dinner/date night. We are so unbelievably blessed to be able to take advantage of some respite time while away, enjoying each other’s company, after the kid’s all day.

Before we went away, I was completely burnt out. I was exhausted, run down and sick. I was running on empty and really needed a break. It certainly helped me to push through, knowing what we had to look forward to!

Traveling with the kids is also a lot less stressful, especially en route to our annual trip. They know where we are going, what’s install, the whole routine. Showing genuine knowledge and excitement.

As much as they love it, by the end of the week, they are ready to go home. Home is home. Instantly back to our crazy timetable but was fun while it lasted and we’ll all look forward to it again!

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