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Be inspired!


Document your experiences, challanges, hopes, dreams and goals for your family and for your own ongoing therapy and wellbeing.  Every moment, precious memory and all the mayhem.  


This Writing Therapy Journal is designed to inspire.  To encourage expression of thoughts, feelings and emotions.  To set goals to acheive.  To reflect on what's transpired and continue to be inspired to strive for more.  To appreciate all the little things.  To heal your heart and clear your soul.  


Writing completely changed Monique's life.  She would love to inspire you to pick up a pen too.  You never know where it may take you...


For so many reasons, a simple word can be the greatest gift of all!


Please know that you are not alone.  You can also follow and join The Everyday Autism Series community on our Facebook and Instagram social media pages for more resources, inspiration and support.   

Writing Therapy Journal

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