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Weekend away

We are overjoyed with our extraordinary recent weekend away! After feeling emotionally scarred from previous occasions, it’s hard to let go and think everything will just be okay. We have to continually pick ourselves up and put ourselves out there again and again. We naturally begin to expect the worst so we don’t feel deep disappointed and are absolutely elated when everything works out well like it did!

I often suffer from anxiety at just the thought of attempting certain things now but most times I’m able to work through those moments and confidence is growing the more we attempt and achieve.

There were so many positives to take away from the whole weekend.

It was a 4-hour drive there and back which is longer than we’ve ever driven before with the kids. Only stopping half way for a brief pit stop, both trips were completely carefree.

It was perfect to have a pool where we were staying, in plain sight from our room and warm weather to enjoy it!

We’ve experienced major sleep issues for a long time with the kids insisting on constantly co-sleeping with us. Surprisingly, Thomas loved being bunk buddies with his best mates. He slept in the same room with them, the whole night, both nights on a top bunk. I think we’ll definitely have to invest in bunk beds now for his room at home and promote potential sleep overs with them!

We were able to spend a whole weekend away together, spending quality time. Away from work, therapies, routine and our comfort zones. Sometimes our life can feel like one big therapy session. As much as routine and regular therapies are important, we also need to be able to lash out, have fun and enjoy life making precious memories together.

The other major goal we achieved was attending a family friendly music festival! Never in my wildest dreams could I ever have imagined attempting it or for things to go as well as they did while we were there.

We lasted over an hour the first night, getting a good feel for the situation and surroundings. We were more prepared for day two, taking all essentials, comfort toys, picnic rug, snacks and noise cancelling headphones. Madi actually really got into the swing of it dancing and dragging her dad down to the front of the stage on occasions! Sticking it out for well over two hours drama free.

We decided not to push our luck attempting a third time, as much as we probably could have. The kids were ready to go home and so were we.

It’s hard to remain 100 per cent confident all the time but we are trying and we’ll certainly try again. If we can attend a music festival, we can do anything! Now that’s living…

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