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The Everyday Autism Series, 2018

As I look back and reflect on the year that has gone, we are once again so proud and grateful for more progress! HUGE Thank you to all the kid’s teachers, aides and therapists that have helped us to achieve these feats! Releasing a new book in The Everyday Autism Series, I Am Thomas, drafting a new project to be released early in the new year, Madi learning to tap dance with her best friend and performing 2 routines, in costume, with make up on stage and Thomas interacting with unprompted language and his character really coming out, were just a few of the highlights! 

More appointments and copious amounts of forms for NDIS funding was all worth the pain…! We have again revisited ABA Therapy @Abacus Learning Centre, Speech Therapy @Barefoot Therapists, with more support and help accessible and new goals set to work towards… It really has had a major, positive impact, giving us focus moving forward to continue striving for more…

There really is SO much help available, if we as the parents are will to do everything possible for that to occur. 

Wishing everyone all the very best for the New Year ahead, 2019! We hope that by sharing our story and other information, we have been able to give you hope or inspire you in some way… Never Give Up…!

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