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The time is now

We were at a friend’s house recently when another parent asked, “At what age have you enjoyed your kids the most?” I said, “Probably now.” I then asked Super Dad to weigh in on the conversation and give us his opinion too. Without hesitation he also agreed, “Now!”

This time in our lives has been by far the most fun and rewarding. At the ages of 10 and 13, now is probably the happiest we’ve ever been.

For years we all struggled in stages to find our feet as parents, children and as a family living in this world.

It’s been a lot.

Dealing with diagnosis’s, appointments, therapies, professionals, education support, not speaking, sleepless nights, limited diets, sensory sensitivities, developmental delays, judgement, comments from complete strangers, maintaining our mental health and readjusting our expectations from the life we thought we’d live.

People in general will often ask, ‘How we’re going and, How’s the kids?’ It honestly feel’s uncomfortable to admit or say, ‘Things are good!’

We understand how our kids are affected and respect how they feel. We know what makes them happy and we’re continuing to see growth in all areas of life with hard work.

At times we still happily live in our own world but can now also feel comfortable interacting with others too.

Yes, we’re experiencing a lot of our successes later than the standard developmental ages, but at one stage, we thought these things may never happen. For some parents, they never do, so we feel extremely grateful! Grateful for every word and for every smile on their face!

We stuck to routine, continued with what we found worked for us but also attempted to try new things too.

We’ve utilised every service and assistance available for the benefit of our children’s development. We remained strong, stayed the course and trusted the process.

They’re so loved by everyone and we can now certainly feel that in return.

We’ve dealt with our diagnosis’s. Both kids are progressing in mainstream schools. They’re both verbal, can follow instructions and respond to questions when asked. They sleep most nights through. Have expanding tolerances to sensory issues. They’re eating a larger variety of foods. Growing more independent and are socially interacting and participating more in the community. We’re all living a healthier and more balanced life.

We collected Super Dad after a few drinks out on the weekend and Madi independently reminded him, “Seat belt on Dad” and then “Window up Dad”. These moments are everything!

Who knows what the future holds but for now we’re living. We’re really living. Each day to the fullest, every day!

Yes, we still face a lot of challenges and hard work required toward achieving our goals but we have more hope than we’ve ever had before.

My advice: Follow your gut instinct, stay the course, enjoy all the little things and ‘Never Give Up!’

To see where we’re at now, after where we’ve been, is incredible. Life’s good and maybe the best is yet to come…

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