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The battle

Looking back on the last few months, I found myself slipping back into a negative head space. I was feeling exhausted, was automatically responding negatively in conversations and was not excited about partaking in any extra-curricular activities. Like always I was functioning, but not really enjoying life. Unfortunately, not a day goes by where I don’t feel emotional. I am constantly reminded of the challenges we face in our daily lives but in those times, it is easier to cope when you are feeling strong enough to…

Once again, I made a conscious effort to actively improve my mindset.

I went on a mission of rediscovery, self-care, learning and positivity, in one week attending a dance class, an ADHD seminar, a meditation and healing session and Shine It Up live with Jackie Gillies. Events I would not necessarily attend because I was too tired or busy, but I pushed myself to go and feel so much better for it!

This week I also made time for myself to read a book! A massive achievement in itself! I purchased Jackie Gillies Shine It Up after her live show. It has given me more confidence to continue on this path of helping others, remain focused on working on my wellness on a permanent basis, to value my self-worth and experiences, be positive, grateful and continue striving to live our best life!

Reading another inspiring book also reinforced just how confident and proud I am of my new book, Never Give Up, and everything I have been trying so hard to achieve.

Every day is mentally challenging, but I realize I am an ongoing project that needs to be addressed. I am reminded that I need to step out of my comfort zone and make myself a priority. It is not selfish but necessary. I need to be grateful for all the good in our lives. Be more forgiving of myself. To live in the now. To always follow my gut and never give up on my dreams. These last 2 weeks have reassured me once again that it is possible and essential for everyone’s best interests.

Working on myself

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