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So, what’s next?

At the beginning of each year I like to look back and reflect on what’s transpired and then look ahead to plan our next steps. We’ve found having a few set targets to focus on less overwhelming and more rewarding and achievable.

2020 was an unbelievable year for many reasons but surprisingly we were actually able to tick a lot of boxes and achieve long-term goals that had been lingering.

We’ll continue raising the bar on our ongoing goals increasing independence, speech and social development but we’re also excited to have new goals now on the horizon.

Madi is heading into her last year of primary school, so this whole year we’ll be preparing for the enormous transition into mainstream secondary school the following year. A lot of which will be focused on during school hours and therapy sessions.

At home and initially during these school holidays we’re going to start learning how to tie new shoe laces, write shopping lists and buy those items from the shops. We’ re also going to count her recent pocket money earnings, discuss and make decisions on potential purchases.

We’ll continue our ongoing social and emotional expansion and encourage more independence with Thomas. It’s difficult to organise our exact plan of attack with Covid-19 hanging around but hopefully we can resume our professional social skills groups and local soccer sessions with friends.

Our next major challenge we’ve decided to tackle is attempting to increase his extremely limited diet. It’s going to take a lot of time, patience and persistence but we’re hoping he’ll be more open and ready to seriously taste a wider variety of food.

This particular goal has been on the back burner for a while but is now time to try again and put to the top of the list after fulfilling other priorities.

We’re also planning to increase our play dates into entire sleep-overs for both kids.

Achieving our goals in 2020 has added confidence again to continue working and striving for more.

Our team of education supports and therapists are on board and committed to continue helping us.

Self-care, balance and general happiness has to be high on the agenda for the whole family and needs to remain a priority.

A few ideas are floating around to expand our little brand and business but the kid’s additional needs will always come first so we’ll wait and see how all of the above pans out.

Who really knows what’s ahead this year but regardless we’ll have these new goals to focus on and progress is everything!

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