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Reflecting on 2021

Wow! What another challenging year it’s been. Looking back, for us there’s still been a lot of positives which we’re choosing to focus on and celebrate.

With the end of 2021 on the horizon, I thought I’d look back at our January blog which highlights a few goals for us to work on and aim to achieve.

I was overwhelmed with joy and pleasantly surprised to find we’d still managed to tick the majority off the list.

We’ve continued to raise the bar with our ongoing independence, speech and development goals. Preparations and plans are in place for Madi’s major transition into secondary school. She is successfully tying her own shoe laces and we put a lot of effort into increasing Thomas’s limited diet with some mini successes and more focus moving forward.

We also have a few new products proudly in production to expand our brand and business which should be available for purchase in the next few weeks.

Due to living under strict restrictions, a couple of our goals weren’t really appropriate or completely achievable. So, we’ll transfer them to target on next year.

Both kids are growing up! They’re talking and communicating more clearly. They’ve become even more resilient and coped so well with the ongoing challenges and change.

Thomas has seriously began riding his new bike, after many failed previous attempts.

We were all able to be home together to comfort and support Madi through her first few periods which was priceless and perfect timing.

We truly treasure spending extra family time together enjoying the simple things in life.

We’ve loved the additional free time to exercise more frequently which has a positive impact on our overall mental heath. Another goal ticked to maintaining a healthier balanced lifestyle.

Yes lockdown was long. Yes we missed seeing family and friends. Missed out on many more special occasions. Opportunities at further development and possibly regressed in certain situations but the positives always out way the negatives.

With two months still remaining, I think it’s safe to say we’ve managed to make the most of another interesting year!

We’re looking forward to finishing off the year with more freedom and preparing for a bigger and better year ahead!

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