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Lockdown life continues

Has been a difficult month and another interesting year! Coming out of school holidays to go back into lockdown for the fifth time. Conducting home schooling again while attempting to work from home running an accounting business over tax time. Continuing therapy sessions with our usual routine utterly out of whack. Another planned respite weekend rescheduled. Trying to keep everyone on track to continue the rollercoaster running as smoothly as possible.

Life is always pretty full on for us even at the best of times but it seems like there’s always another obstacle to overcome even when we’re working so hard to produce progress and maintain a healthy life balance.

Both kids are already so far behind their peers, it’s devastating when their learning schedule is interrupted. We feel so much extra pressure to maintain more development, it becomes overwhelming along with all of our other responsibilities.

It doesn’t help with increasing inclusion or social interaction being so segregated from the world and tolerance that has built up over time tends to regress in certain situations.

We had to begin a scheduled food tolerance clinic with professionals online and our school PSG progress meetings were uniquely over zoom too.

Like everyone, we long to see loved ones for more physical and emotional support.

Again, I’ve found myself having to reflect and focus on the positives.

Like listening to Madi read out loud and continue to improve. It is still so surreal, we cherish every word we hear.

We appreciate the family time to focus on basic communication and life skills instead of running around crazy busy with our usual schedule.

I was mindful of making self care a priority exercising each day for my sanity. With none of my usual classes available to attend, I found mixing it up with online YouTube workouts fun with Madi joining in occasionally. A very convenient new option which has continued.

Even when I’m reflecting and attempting to steer everything right, I still have my moments. I need to take a minute or a day and be ok with not feeling 100 per cent ok.

I pick myself up and put life in perspective.

We’re doing the best we can considering. We’re trying really hard to maintain our momentum. We’re setting more goals to achieve and continuing regular therapies to produce ongoing progress.

We may need a moment but we’ll never give up despite all of our obstacles.

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