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Decisions, decisions

So many decisions need to be made by parents on behalf of our children. I’m sure a lot of parent’s experience anxiety as a result. For us as autism parents, we feel like every decision is difficult and debatable.

After intense investigation and discussion, we go with our gut with the kid’s best interest at heart and what we ultimately think will be best for their future.

We’re always of the opinion that we can try something first and if that doesn’t work after giving it our best, we can always change but at least we know we tried.

A lot of research and planning is done with a variety of people and professionals. It then takes a whole team on board with clear and honest ongoing communication combined with hard work from everyone involved for our decisions to have any chance of succeeding.

Thankfully we’re supported by an incredible team that assist us with decision making and help us to succeed but essentially the conclusions are up to us.

Just when we feel like a good choice had been made and we’ve worked so hard to achieve a goal another defining decision needs to be made.

Dwelling also occurs after most decisions where we second guess ourselves until we begin to see positive results.

Madi’s kinder teacher didn’t believe she would cope at mainstream school but we’d seen all the progress she’d made during therapy and felt strongly about exploring the mainstream setting.

Yes, the first year especially was extremely challenging but by the middle of grade one she was more comfortable in her surroundings, we had extensive plans and supports in place and were beginning to see genuine development.

With secondary school on the horizon, another major milestone that we’ve been dreading to make a decision about needs to be addressed.

We’ve watched webinars, listened to seminars, weighed up options, conducted meetings and discussions with our team of professionals and have made our initial decision.

Now once again we require our whole team to give it one hundred and ten percent.

We’re putting a 12-month plan in place with an abundance of preparation leading up to the big day in 2022. Building tolerance, exposure, language, awareness, visuals, setting goals, therapy programs, supports, government funding and professional assistance required for this momentous change.

With a lot of difficult decisions weighing so heavily self-care, support and perspective are all incredibly important. We always make sure we spend quality time exercising together as a family, with friends and independently to clear our minds, unwind and reset.

The end game is always to be included, accepted, increasingly independent and integrate into society.

Unfortunately, no decision is ever easy and there’s always another hurdle to jump but we endeavor to give our kids the best chance at life.

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