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Burnt out

I usually have a blog written and ready to post at the beginning of each month, but honestly I had no idea what to write or any words in my head. I typically share about what’s happening in our lives at the time and this is what’s happening, I burnt out.

I attempt to be a superpower boss mum every minute of every day striving for success and therefore crash and burn traditionally a couple of times a year.

Nothing overly dramatic has happened, in fact everything for us has been going well.

Madi’s transition into secondary school has been an incredible success! She seems very happy, is being well supported in and around the classroom and just received an award for academic excellence! She’s still loving her tap dance classes with her special friends and has been noticeably trying to talk more with unprompted language and speech commenting on what’s happening on the tv and answering questions more easily.

Thomas has been motoring along participating in class activities and appears to be making genuine progress academically too. Soccer training has been a bit hit and miss but we’re taking a relaxed approach, not pressuring him and appreciating all the little wins along the way.

It’s the end of the term and I’ve been working around the clock 24/7.

It’s a build up of all the pressure I put on myself to do and be everything for everyone. I’ve just needed to shed a few tears, reflect and reset.

Working a day job, running a business, producing and releasing new products, creating a support and social group, parenting two kids with additional needs, running a household, squeezing in exercise for self care and a little socialising with my husband, family and friends doesn’t leave a lot of down time to relax.

I thrive on working to achieve our goals and find it so rewarding to help others too, but I really don’t spend enough quality quiet time on myself.

My phone is never far away from my hand and my brain is never switched off for too long.

I want to work. I want to achieve. I want us all to be the best that we can be.

Moving forward I need to impose some boundaries on myself which I find extremely hard to do. I’m not good at saying no and want to make the most of every opportunity.

Thankfully we had a week away planned and no significant events scheduled for the rest of April.

I do make time for myself a priority but obviously not enough.

After giving myself permission to have a bit of a break, only doing the absolute essentials, this blog has now flowed and written itself quite easily. Which is also probably what I needed to do…

I’ve recognised my feelings and emotions and know what I need to do moving forward to find my peace of mind.

I’m ok. I will pick myself up and be even better again.

Regardless of my recent emotional state, I still know and believe we’re in a better place. Probably better than we’ve ever been and I’m maintaining a positive mindset and outlook about the future.

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